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I'm a housewife and I have been selling homemade cakes for some years. I've good progress in my homemade business, So I'm planning to turn my business into a commercial one. I have the necessary experience in this field and I'm confident that it will be a successful one. I know there are many differences between a homemade business and a commercial business. So I've some doubt about buying equipment for the shop. What should we look for when buying commercial equipment? When buying it we have to buy a new one or buy a refurbished one. I think it is better to buy good brand old equipment when considering my financial budget.
Do you have any suggestions on this? Whatever your opinion, share it and it will be very helpful for me.


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Hi @maryloo

Welcome to the site. 😊

That's excellent that you're starting to venture out and set up a cake business of your own. I'm sure you'll be very successful.

Firstly work out what equipment you are going to need and the market you intend to sell to. That way, you can decide what equipment you will need straight away and what you can wait to buy.

You'll definitely need some of the following items such as: ovens, fridges, freezers, tins, pans, shelving, blenders and mixers, etc. Working off your previous orders/customer base will help you determine how much equipment you'll need and how many cakes/ingredients you will need to make and store.

Then you may want to think about these...
  • How much space will you have on your premises for the equipment you are looking for, and will it fit?
  • Research local used kitchen/bakery equipment providers, check out reviews and pricing.
  • Then compare these to new items and see which suits your budget.
  • Check if you can get extended warranties on used products or hire new equipment until you can afford to buy them. That way, you're earning money without a huge financial outlay.
  • Could you hire a ready fitted kitchen? Would this be cheaper than getting all your own stock?
  • Ask for help on Facebook/Social Media in your local area for recommendations off people who've bought equipment. Even ask local bakeries where they get their equipment from. Also, check out your local Facebook Groups.
  • Make a business plan of all the things you're going to need, all the overheads, all the other materials such as cake boxes, packaging, utensils and big-ticket items you'll need and keep track of what you think you'll be spending. This will help you with costing going forward.
  • Do you have a business logo?
You'll also need to register your business for food safety and consider whether you will offer a delivery service. Have you got a Website/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest page to help grow your business?

These are just a few of the things to think about, and I'm sure you've got a lot of this covered. So I'll leave you with the above for now, but if you need anything else, then please let me know.

Best wishes and the very best of luck to you!

Angie 👩‍🍳
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