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Bonfire Night Treat Ideas (1 Viewer)

To help get your Bonfire Night celebrations in full swing, here are a few ideas and recipes for you to try.

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These delightful treats are incredibly popular across the pond and can easily be recreated here too. To make S'mores, you can roast them over the bonfire, or if you're looking for a quick, fire-free alternative, we have a simple method of whipping them up in minutes. No bonfire needed!​

Ginger Cake:

A warm, moist ginger cake with a hint of spice is a perfect treat for you to enjoy on a chilly Bonfire evening. You can have it plain or serve it up with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream for that extra bit of indulgence.​

Bonfire Cupcakes:

Get a little creative with the kids and decorate cupcakes like miniature bonfires. For the bonfire cupcakes, use orange and red buttercream for the flames, and add pretzels or matchmakers' as the "logs." These themed treats will be great fun with the kids and add a festive touch to your celebrations too.​

Toffee Apples:

Dip delicious crisp apples into a sticky toffee coating for a classic Bonfire Night treat. The toffee apple creates contrasting textures, and the crunchy apple and sugary toffee make for a delightful, devourable combination.​

Chocolate Apples:

However, as a softer alternative, dip the apples in smooth, melted chocolate instead. You can then decorate the chocolate apples with colourful sprinkles or crushed nuts for added flavour and texture.​

Whatever you decide to make, these five treats will surely make your Bonfire Night celebrations memorable!


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