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Apple Crumble Cupcakes Tutorial (1 Viewer)

Here is a step by step guide with pictures showing you how to make Apple Crumble Cupcakes

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Preheat the oven to one of the following:
180°C Fan Assisted
190-200°C Regular Oven
Gas Mark 4

Tip: Remove your butter from the fridge at least 30 minutes before starting this recipe. :wink:

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Crumble Topping:
50 grams / 2oz plain flour
25 grams / 1oz unsalted butter (chopped into cubes)
20 grams / 0.8oz soft brown sugar

1. Place the plain flour and chopped butter and sugar into a mixing bowl; using your fingertips
rub the butter, flour and sugar together to make breadcrumbs.

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2. Once done place the Crumble topping to one side.

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (7).jpg

Now to make the cupcakes:-

Cupcake ingredients:

125 grams / 4oz soft brown sugar
(I didn't have enough soft brown sugar, so I added a little demerara sugar to make up the quantity)
200 grams / 7oz self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 or 3 Large Bramley Cooking Apples (or any Cooking Apples)
1 medium-size lemon
2 Medium / Large Eggs
100 grams / 3.5oz unsalted butter. (Chopped/Cubed)

1. Place the Self Raising flour, baking powder, cinnamon and brown sugar into a large mixing bowl put to one side.

1 Apple Crumble Cupcakes.jpg

2. Crack two eggs into a jug, put to one side.

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3. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a small bowl or lemon juicer.

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4. Peel the cooking apples (I used 2 and a half apples) and then grate them into a separate bowl, there will be grated apple and juice produced from the grating, this is fine (avoid grating all the way to the core, if you prefer you can core them first).

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (9).jpg

5. Now pour the lemon juice in with the grated apple/juice and stir together.

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (13).jpg

6. Pour the lemon and apple mix (wet mix) into the mixing bowl full of self-raising flour, cinnamon, baking powder etc. (dry mix). Put to one side.

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7. Place the 100 grams of chopped butter into a jug and melt in the microwave for 30 seconds, once melted add the melted butter to the eggs in the other jug and whisk together.

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8. Then pour the egg/butter mix into the mixing bowl with all the rest of your ingredients.

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (28).jpg

9. Use a spatula to combine all the ingredients together, ensuring that all the flour has mixed in thoroughly, once combined I gave it a quick ten-second blast with the whisk to ensure everything was fully mixed.

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (30).jpg

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (32).jpg

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10. The mix will look like rice pudding/porridge I then scooped out the mix into the cupcake cases using an ice cream scoop as this ensures you have even cupcake sizes.

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (38).jpg

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (40).jpg

11. Once all the mix has been put into the cases, then sprinkle the crumble mix over the top.

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (42).jpg

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12. Place the cupcakes in the middle of the oven and cook for approx 25-26 mins or until golden brown, I turned them round in the oven halfway through for an even bake.

Apple Crumble Cupcakes (49).jpg

13. Once baked test with a skewer, leave in the muffin tin for approx five minutes then place the cupcakes on a wire rack to cool.

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14. If you like them warm enjoy with a little warm custard!

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Apple Crumble cupcakes (63).jpg

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