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5 Ways to hide flaws on a buttercream cake. (1 Viewer)

If you are having trouble with a buttercream cake and need to hide some of the flaws you are experiencing, here are five ways you can hide, disguise or enhance your imperfections.

buttercream blue cake (Medium).jpg

How to cover flaws and imperfections on a buttercream cake.​

1 Pipe roses on the cake to cover it.

Piped Roses Cake.jpg

2 Cover the exterior in chocolate curls.

Chocolate curls cake (Medium).jpg

3 Add sprinkles to the buttercream in various areas around the cake.

Buttercream sprinkles medium.jpg

4 Strategically place dragees or pearls in the flawed areas and make them part of the pattern.

buttercream with pearls or dragees (Medium).jpg

5 Give it a naked or rustic vibe and add yourself a topper or decorations of your choice to enhance it.

rustic naked cake with topper.jpg

And there you have it 5 simple ways to make your buttercream cakes look beautiful.

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