1. Angie

    How to Make a Chocolate Cake Tutorial

    Here is a step by step tutorial showing you how to make a beautiful chocolate cake. Preheat your oven to one of the following: Fan assisted: 150°C Regular oven: 170 - 180°C Gas Mark: 1 - 2 Fahrenheit: 302 Ingredients: 200 grams or 7 oz of granulated sugar 200 grams or 7 oz unsalted butter or...
  2. Angie

    The Cake and Bake Show Manchester Nov 2015

    Well, it's back again albeit a lot later than last year but hey better late than never right! Yes, that's right fellow bakers it's this year's Cake and Bake Show in Manchester which I'm sure will be jam-packed with all things wonderfully creative! Whoop whoop! From celebrity baking...
  3. Angie

    The Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2014 (Pictures)

    VIP Tickets are now on sale for this so you better get them quick before they run out. I'm looking forward to going again this year, checking out the trends and taking lots more pictures! For more details view the website: The Cake and Bake Show Manchester