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Springtime Cupcakes - Manchester - Salford College (13/03/13) (1 Viewer)


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Wednesday Evening: 18:30pm - 20:30pm - As part of the Cake Baking & Decorating course.

Whether it's finding a new hobby, meeting new friends or just a chance for some 'me' time for a change. We would love you to have a go at producing some sensational springtime cupcakes. There's something for everyone so come and join us and have some fun! :)

As part of this programme students booked on the Salford College course are required to bring in the following items: -

Please bring in:
A batch of ready made cupcakes.
A pack of white icing.
Sharp Knife
Icing sugar for dusting.
Rolling Pin
If making buttercream: 500g Icing sugar/250g butter/ Vanilla extract
Tools/cutters if you have any.

All other equipment will be provided.

Orange Two Tone Buttercream Cupcakes1.jpg


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