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Our visit to Slattery's Cakes for afternoon tea and Chocolate Goodies (1 Viewer)


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Whoop, whoop, yes me and Linda were off again to the lovely Slattery's for a nosey at all the masterpieces they have on show and for a birthday/working lunch for me.

Once we managed to find a parking space (which is somewhere where we shouldn't have technically parked but hey ho) we made our way to the window of the the cake shop. There to greet us were these lovely creations displayed in the window.

Slatterys (7).jpg Slatterys (9).jpg

As the weather was a little cold we made our way inside to the next display, here we found an array of designs to suit all requirements.

Firstly was this cat in a basket, I cannot believe how life like the cat is, it's happily snuggled up in the basket.

Slatterys (10).jpg

Next were your simple and effective birthday cakes, just showing small amounts of celebration but definitely enough decoration to make an impact. I especially love the present one, it reminds me of the one I fell out with a couple of Christmas's ago. :p

Slatterys (12).jpg

This cake reminds me of one Buddy did in Cake Boss, it's a lovely fun filled Christening or Baby shower cake and isn't actually that hard to re-create. I love the toes on this one.

Slatterys (13).jpg

We then moved onto similar themed Christening/Baby shower cakes in different designs. I adore the shower piece on the baby bath one it's fabulous, I think the baby is adorable.

Slatterys (14).jpg Slatterys (18) - Copy.jpg

Slatterys (21).jpg

We then spot the Princess Leia Minion cake which is absolutely fantastic, Linda then asks me if the minions are starring in Star Wars to which I giggle and reply no, I can see the confusion on her face as she's trying to work out why the minion is dressed as Princess Leia, after a few minute discussion she finally susses out that somebody has come up with the creation to blend the two together and we have a good giggle about it.

Slatterys (15).jpg

I then spot these wedding cake, they are very simple in design but very elegant by the same token. They just scream 'Class' to me.

Slatterys (16).jpg Slatterys (20).jpg

Slatterys (24).jpg

We then move over to the Man cake section and come across these beauties. The Watch one on the top shelf looks really heavy.

Slatterys (17).jpg Slatterys (19).jpg Slatterys (22).jpg

Now we move onto more tiered variety wedding cakes that include chocolate :D....

Slatterys (23).jpg Slatterys (25).jpg Slatterys (54).jpg Slatterys (55).jpg

The below 4 tier wedding cake reminds me of a Princess Dress and the Valentine cupid cake looks amazing. I showed the picture of the Valentine Cake to my Dad and he thought they sculpted each cherub individually. I then let him in on my insider knowledge that they are just made with moulds and not hand carved as he had previously thought. ;)

Slatterys (63).jpg Slatterys (64)-001.jpg

Slatterys (57).jpg

In the middle of all these wedding cakes is the naked wedding cake with the fruit on, I've been looking to make one of these for a while albeit on a smaller scale so when I get a moment I will definitely have a go.

Slatterys (56).jpg

I so want this bubble cake, its fab!

Slatterys (26).jpg


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So after drooling over the cakes on display we then went over to the chocolate section to check out some more Easter goodies! The first one is a Frozen Easter Bunny Egg.

Slatterys (28).jpg Slatterys (29).jpg Slatterys (31).jpg Slatterys (32).jpg

They had an array of Easter goodies to cater to anybody who needed an egg, I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate factory looking at all the goodies on offer!

Slatterys (34).jpg Slatterys (36).jpg Slatterys (37).jpg

I love this huge chocolate egg covered in smaller mini eggs.

Slatterys (38).jpg

These are his and hers chocolate themed celebratory birthday cupcakes.

Slatterys (41).jpg Slatterys (42).jpg

We then came across these Character themed Easter Eggs which would be lovely Easter gifts. Mr Potato head is fab although he is missing his ear, it's actually in the box but it makes him more authentic that his pieces are falling out. I especially lovely the bunny in the Easter egg boat, very creative.

Slatterys (43).jpg Slatterys (44).jpg Slatterys (45).jpg Slatterys (46).jpg

This is a Darth Vader Bunny Easter Egg but it was hard to get a proper picture because the cellophane was reflecting the actual egg. I think the third picture is the best view of the bunny which roughly shows you what I was seeing yesterday.

Slatterys (47).jpg Slatterys (48).jpg Slatterys (49).jpg


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Wow! Talk about sweet heaven, there are some gorgeous cakes there I bet your brain was in overdrive with ideas looking at that lot Angie. :D


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It was Joan they have some lovely cakes on display, I was like a kid in a candy shop...not quite sure where to look first. The worst thing was I was starving at the time and I was pretty much salivating over all the goodies. I could have happily taste tested everything....I nearly did that at the Cake and Bake Show when the baking goods were on display. :p

Here's a few more pictures that I hadn't added....

I love model themed cakes, they are so personal to the individuals and have a fabulous comedy factor to them, I think if I got married now and had a cake it would definitely be a fun model one.

Slatterys (59).jpg

I'm not sure whether this is a new trend but I also spotted these cardboard cut outs next to the cakes. It's not for me although I do like the cake. However, if it works for you then why not....whatever floats you boat really!

Slatterys (60).jpg


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Linda and I had a lovely lunch once we both got up to the restaurant, I'm not sure how but I managed to lose her round the store when I was buying my chocolate icing! It took me five minutes to locate her and half of Slattery's thinking I was a bit bonkers, I think they thought she was imaginary!

Anyway once we got up to the restaurant we were looked after by Mark, I have to say a big THANK YOU to him for sorting our meals, making sure we were taken care of by the staff and for getting us out on time for the school run. He was such a star I wanted to pick him up, put him in my pocket and take him home with us!

We had a delicious lunch with the softest bread ever and then had cake for dessert, I ordered a chocolate sampler and Linda had the Coffee and Walnut. My cakes were very rich in flavour and absolutely divine, I could only manage to eat two of them, one was a chocolate orange brownie and the other was like an almond slice with white chocolate, it was sooooo filling that I had to take the remainder of the cakes home in a box not to eat but to give to my Mum and Dad on the way back.

Slatterys (68).jpg Slatterys (69).jpg

As always we always try to get a picture when we are together and this is our best attempt at a selfie. We didn't have that much room to get us in but after taking 5 pics this is the best one I came up with!

Slatterys (2).jpg

We had a wonderful time and got some goodies to take home so all in all a very pleasant work lunch!


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I love the look of Linda's coffee and walnut cake, one of my favourite cakes. Your sampler plate looks good, was that meringue or cream on the white topped one ? Whatever it was it looks my sort of cake.

They don't do things by half at that place when it comes to portion size do they. :D

Glad you both had a good time, that's what I call a working lunch. ;)


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Linda loved her cake but didn't manage to eat it all, I'm sure you would have loved it too, unfortunately I'm not a lover of it as I don't do coffee.

My sampler had fresh cream on it which is another thing I don't like lol so my dad ate that one.

The portion sizes are quite grand and even though mine were only small they were really stodgy and filling, I was seriously stuffed when I came out and we'd only had sandwiches beforehand.

I haven't been for about a year so it's always nice to see the new displays and sample the food when I can, it's more a special occasion place rather than a regular jaunt but I'm glad we went.

Definitely food for thought though!

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