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Many cultures have embraced gnomes over the years, and everyone has a different take on them. Some find them mystical, others charming; however, you can’t deny they are super cute! So with that in mind and it being the festive season I thought I’d put them together with a Santa Claus twist.

 Method: How to make Gnome Santa Claus[/b]
The icing fondant colours used to make the Gnomes Santa & Mrs Claus are Black, Red, Yellow, White & Caramel Ivory. You can use edible glue or a little water to stick the pieces together; however, I used the heat from my hands to hold the pieces together. 
Tip – You can use tylo in the models to make them go hard or place a candy stick or other form of edible support in the centre to hold the weight. I didn’t use either and put them against my kitchen side with clingfilm/saran wrap so that they dried upright...
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