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How to make a DIY Disposable Piping Bag (1 Viewer)


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Here is how to make a DIY Disposable Piping bag with no nozzle:-


1. Get a zip-lock or resealable food bag and open it up.
2. Scoop your filling into the bag.
3. Squeeze the air out softly and then seal it.
4. Push the contents into one of the bottom corners and then twist the bag to force the remaining contents further into the corner. You may wish to apply a rubber band around the twisted section of the bag to hold it in place, like below.


5. Now snip off a small portion of the corner of the bag with scissors. (Make sure it's a small cut as you don't want the filling oozing out).

6. If you lightly squeeze you will now be able to pipe, frost or drizzle chocolate onto your cakes, cupcakes or biscuit cookies.
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