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Help and advice covering a chocolate oatmeal cake with fondant? (1 Viewer)


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Question From Amanda W on Fb.

Looking for help and not sure where to go to ask. I've been getting into baking lately and I was going to do my first fondant cake. I was wondering since I've only ever eat fondant once before and new to this do you think a fondant covered with chocolate and oatmeal cake, caramel buttercream, caramel glaze in between layers would be good? I don't want it to be too sweet. I'm basically trying to make a dream bar cake - oatmeal, chocolate chips, caramel.​

Hi Amanda, your cake sounds delicious, but I don't think it is the right cake to use with fondant.

The cake you describe lends itself to a ganache coating or simply filled/topped with the ingredients you describe which sounds rich and indulgent all by itself. Plus I'm not sure the structure of the cake may hold the fondant. When covering a cake with fondant, it adds weight to the cake, so the structure of the cake needs to be able to hold that.

Sponges, pound cake and Madeira are great cakes to use with fondant, and you can fill them how you like. Please note that if you do cover a cake with fondant ensure you do not overfill the centre otherwise the cake will slide when filling.

Here is a simple chocolate cake recipe for you that you can use with fondant. There is also other helpful tips and advice on my site. If you need anything else just ask.

Best wishes Angie.
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