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Decorating disposable piping bag (1 Viewer)


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What are your thoughts on disposable plastic piping bags that are half textured and half see though from the outside? The textured side is for grip and the see through side allows you to see the colors and air bubbles of the frosting. Do you like piping bags with textured grip? I personally think this would be a good idea, but let me know what you think!


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Hi Frosting cupcakes, welcome to the site. 😊

I've never used textured grip disposable piping bags, nor have I ever come across them if I'm honest. The only slight issue if any I have with piping bags is keeping them tight at the top while piping but other than that I don't really encounter problems.

I do like the idea of the textured grip, especially for those people who have trouble gripping a smooth surface or for children as that would help them learn the basics of holding a piping bag properly. The idea of a textured piping bag with the ability to still be able to see through it seems like an excellent idea.

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