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With the summer fast approaching, I thought it might be an idea to put together a few helpful hints to help you survive the searing heat! So what better way than to give you 5 ways to beat the heat with icing, fondant or sugarpaste.

1. Keep it Cool – summer causes a lot of problems for us bakers, and the kitchen is no fun to be in when it’s hot and humid. So to combat the fondant frustrations here’s a few things you can do: i) Buy a dehumidifier which will zap all the moisture out of the air. ii) Invest in some much-needed air con if you can afford it. iii) Get a fan, if nothing else it will create movement of air in your kitchen and hopefully cool you down in the process.
2. Cornflour Convert – usually I opt to use icing sugar/confectioners sugar to roll out on because I like the fact that it absorbs into the icing/fondant. However, with the heat causing additional problems...
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