1. Angie

    Happy Birthday Joan

    Happy birthday, Joan, we hope you have a truly wonderful and blessed day! 🥳
  2. Angie

    Happy Birthday Help Me Bake!

    Yes, my little old website is seven years old today!
  3. A Guy

    Happy Birthday Joan!

    I hope you have a great Birthday...and many more :party::dinesh: Hugs, Bill
  4. Angie

    Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II.

    We would like to wish our lovely Queen Elizabeth II a very Happy 90th Birthday! :party: I must say her Majesty looks fabulous for 90 years of age and we wish her many more celebrations to come. Speaking of celebrations, not only did Nadiya win last years Great British Bake Off but this year...
  5. Angie

    Our visit to Slattery's Cakes for afternoon tea and Chocolate Goodies

    Whoop, whoop, yes me and Linda were off again to the lovely Slattery's for a nosey at all the masterpieces they have on show and for a birthday/working lunch for me. Once we managed to find a parking space (which is somewhere where we shouldn't have technically parked but hey ho) we made our...
  6. A Guy

    Happy Birthday Angie!

    Happy Birthday Angie. I hope you have a great day showered with love! :party: :dinesh: A Guy
  7. Mandaly

    Absurd cheesecake question

    I am entirely incompetent when it comes to baking. My sisters birthday is coming up and I would like to combine her two favorite desserts, red velvet cupcakes and cheesecake. I can handle the boxed mix for the cupcakes, but I'd like to put a chunk of cheesecake into the middle of the cupcakes...