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If, like me, you're seriously busy at the minute but still looking for a quick way to enjoy the Jubilee celebrations. Then why not recreate these quick and easy cupcakes for the upcoming Bank Holiday. You'll only need a few Union Jack flags, edible red white and blue sprinkles, and cupcakes of your choice and voila you've created a quick and easy celebratory cupcake. In order to keep with the theme, I chose to put them in a red cupcake case which helps the flags pop on the top of the cake. You could always use the remainder of the union jack flags for sandwiches too. However, you choose to celebrate be sure to do it in style! Enjoy!
If you're looking for a bit of inspiration this Valentine's Day, then why not have a go at making these cupcake toppers. All you need is red, white and black icing fondant: embossed rollers, a few heart cutters, a flower cutter and edible pens or paint. Equipment How to make... To emboss the icing fondant, roll it out with a rolling pin, then emboss it by rolling over it with your embossed roller and then cut it into your desired shapes. To make the 'I' shape, roll a sausage with red fondant and then cut the ends with a knife to straighten them off. To make the sheep, roll out white fondant, emboss it, then cut it into shape with a flower cutter. To make the face, roll a ball of black fondant, then flatten it and square it off...
Ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas! If you're looking for some festive cheer, then have a look at the Reindeer Bars here! So easy to do and fun to make the best thing is there's no need to bake! Apologies for the rhyming, but it is Christmas! 🎅🤶🎄 These dark chocolate bars were made using the following items: Dark Chocolate Pretzels Edible Eyes (by Cake Decor) Red Skittles (for the Nose) Sprinkles, Gold Crunch, Edible White and Silver Pearls (Optional) For the wrapping, I used cellophane treat bags and pull bows. Note - The Red Skittles did lose their shine a little after sitting in the fridge, so you may wish to use smarties or other alternative noses. You could use icing fondant if you prefer. A little bag of Christmas to all...
If you are looking at other gift ideas for the summer, then how about making some of these sweet boxes. Great for both children and adults alike, they can be filled with any sweet treat imaginable. Perfect for parties, weddings, get-togethers, or even for a Friday night treat. The only thing you'll need is a bag of sweets, boxes, decorations of your choice and a great imagination! Not only can the sweets be tailored to the individual, but so can the boxes. For the decoration aspect, you can personalise them for friends and family with stickers or ribbons. Fill then with your favourite colours or make multiple boxes using just single colours to suit the recipient, which would be perfect for a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Parties as...
Here are some last-minute Father's Day cupcake toppers for you to have a go at. These are a great generic design and easy to recreate. All you'll need are some of the following equipment. Circle/Pastry Cutters Heart Cutters Letter Cutters Rolling Pin Edible Glue Icing/Fondant I used Renshaw - Poppy Red, Latte and Baby Blue for the colours. Just make a batch of cupcakes, buttercream or jam to the top of the cupcake and then decorate as required.
Since the knitted moulds came out, there has been an influx recently of the multitude of things you can make with them. At Christmas, we had the Bobble Hats, at Easter, we had the Gonks, and then I've also seen a variety of other lovely fondant creations appearing online. So as the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them. I did indeed decide to join them and made some knitted bear cupcake toppers. Ahh, the only thing now is to find out where baby bear got to? 🤗
As it's nearly Easter, I've been trying to put together the Chick Family for you and today; I finally managed to do it. 👩‍🍳 So please welcome... Daddy Chuck Mummy Chic ...and Baby Chickster to the site. :hatchingchick: As you can see, these adorable toppers are easy on the eye and, in all honesty, relatively easy to make. So if you're looking for a 'to do' project with the kids over the holidays, then have a go at these. To make the Easter Chick Toppers, you will need: White/Orange/Black Icing/Fondant Circle Cutter Square Cutter Star Cutter Pink Lustre (Optional) I will shortly be doing a tutorial on these, so watch this space. https://www.helpmebake.com/threads/how-to-make-two-easy-easter-chick-cupcake-toppers-2d.1617/
If you want to get into the festivities and it's looking a little cold outside then why don't you look at creating your own edible bobble hats? All you'll need are a Terry's Chocolate Orange, plain cupcakes, knitted moulds and some fondant icing. These are great gifts for the festive season and can also be used for a topper on a Baby Shower cake too. Literally, all you have to do is emboss the icing with the moulds, wrap it around the cupcake or chocolate orange and then add the pom-pom and rim and there you have it a lovely little Bobble Hat. The colours I used to make the edible bobble Hats are as follows:- Renshaw Poppy Red Icing for the large Terry's Chocolate orange bobble hat at the back. SMART FLEX Green Velvet for the...
These Num nom cupcakes were made to accompany the Berry Berry Swirl Cake I made for my God-daughter. I used claret pink for the faces of the pink num noms and then used a darker claret pre-dyed icing for the bows. The eyes and nose are Renshaws black decor icing and the eyelashes were made using a foodoodler black coloured edible pen. As there were boys attending the party I made some blue Num Noms of my own design, these had the stars on the ear and were baby blue in colour.