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How to make smooth rounded edges with icing fondant.

Have you ever see the soft edges on icing fondant and wondered how did they do that? Well, guess what, here is a little tutorial showing you just how easy it is to do. Not only does it look pretty, but it’s also relatively simple to achieve and finishes off shapes beautifully.


1. Roll out your icing fondant to your required thickness, place a sheet of clingfilm/saran wrap over the top of the icing fondant and then rest your cutter on the top.

2. Push the cutter directly into the clingfilm/saran wrap and icing.

3. Remove the cutter to see the indent into the icing/fondant. (You’ll notice here that the pictures have changed to when I cut out the second circle. That’s because I forgot to take all the relevant images when I did the first one, oops!).

4. Remove the clingfilm/saran wrap.

5. Take the cutter and cut the fondant entirely.

6. Move the cutter from side to side on the mat to remove any edges.

7. Then remove the cutter. You can now see how smooth and rounded the edges are.

Simple yet effective; this design looks excellent on circles, hearts and flowers etc.

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