Basic Baking and Cake Decorating

What does folding in mean?

At certain stages of baking, you are sometimes asked to ‘fold in’. The term folding in is the process used to stir two ingredients together slowly and softly (without mixing or beating them vigorously) until they have combined.

How to ‘fold in’ ingredients:

  • A lighter mixture such as whipped egg whites is placed on top of your heavier cake batter.
  • You would then incorporate them by running the silicon spatula straight through the middle of the lighter top mixture and denser bottom mixture, along the bottom of the bowl and then up the sides (effectively bringing the bottom layer of the mixture on top of the lighter top mixture). By doing this, you create a circular wave motion that ‘folds in’ the ingredients together.
  • You would continue to do this in a slow-motion until the ingredients have combined.

Other ingredients that sometimes need to be gently ‘folded in’ are spoonfuls of flour or cream. The reason we fold in ingredients is to keep the incorporated air (say from the egg whites) into the mixture to keep the bake as light and airy as possible.

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