Area 51 Alien Cake

In light of the recent campaign to storm Area 51 and free all the aliens I thought it might be quite fitting to make a cake to celebrate the event. As you can see, Aliens do exist and look extremely happy to be escaping! #Area51

Please note that no aliens or soldiers were harmed in the making of this cake!

On a more informative note, the breakdown of this cake is as follows.


  • The cakes are 6 and 8-inch square Madeira sponges that were filled and covered with Chocolate fudge icing.
  • The two tiers are covered with black and white Renshaw’s fondant icing that I mixed to make the marble grey colour.

Non-edible decorations

  • The plastic soldiers are Tobar Army Troopers from Amazon; they were washed in hot soapy water and dried before being placed onto the cake.
  • The barbed wire is made from #22 florist wire that was wrapped around a pen to make the shape.
  • The Area 51 sign is black card, letter stickers and white paper straws I then inserted into the cake. The only issue I had with the straws is that after a while, they started to turn yellow as they absorbed the butter from the cake.

Edible decorations

  • The Aliens were created using different coloured packs of Renshaw icing, and the Alien eyes are Edible Eyes by Cake Decor. #decoreasy
  • The camouflage on the base of the board was made by taking balls of Renshaw’s Black, Teddy Bear Brown and Lincoln Green icing, rolling it out and then placing it in patches on the base. It was stuck using a little water.
  • The Section 14 sign was made using a Kitchen Craft message maker.

My daughter and her BIG imagination created the aliens that take pride of place on this cake!

You’ll be pleased to know that the Aliens won’t get very far and will be devoured later today!

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Lol! Thank you!

That's why I couldn't tell you the concept because it was classified and a joint venture. 😂

I originally asked Han if she wanted an Alien themed cake (because she doesn't do girlie) to which she initially replied no. Then after a few minutes, her brain kicked in, and she started to get giddy about it. She then told me about the Fb campaign to storm Area 51, so we decided to go with the Area 51 base and the Aliens. 👽
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I think it's great and does look fun, I bet you had a great time making that. I shall now go to the Today sub and send someone a message. :D


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Yeah, Shawn's down with the Aliens so he must know one of them! 😂 Han's friends loved it, and John was shocked that it had chocolate filling so surprises all around! :p