Basic Baking and Cake Decorating

Which brushes to use when cake decorating.

When you begin cake decorating, you will find that having a range of paintbrushes in your toolbox will be extremely handy. Now I don’t mean pinching them from your little ones, no, what I do suggest is that you have a set just for cake decorating. They’re relatively cheap to buy but and will help you get that professional look when you use them.

Here are what a few of them can do for you.

1. Slim thin-tipped brushes can be used to paint model faces and small strokes.

2. Soft brushes can be used to remove icing sugar or cornflour from your decorations.

3. Flat square brushes are suitable for brush embroidery when piping.

4. Large soft brushes can remove excess crumbs from cakes before covering.

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