Naked Rustic Cake

I’ve seen a few of these Naked Rustic Cakes, and with the weather changing over from the summer period to autumnal I thought it would be nice to try and make one. They are relatively easy to do, and even though they’re not decorated in the typical sense, they look very stylish even though they are a little rough around the edges.

These are great for a novice baker to try their hand at as it helps with their stacking/tiering skills. To make one do the following:

For the top tier make a 5 Inch Madeira Cake

And for the base bake a 7 Inch x 3 Inch Round Madeira for Approx 1hr 15 on 150°C – The recipe is…

175 Grams Margarine
175 Grams Caster Sugar
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
225 Grams Plain Flour
3 Medium Eggs
2 Tablespoons of Milk

Tip – If you want more of a crumbly/caramel taste then use golden caster sugar instead of the normal white one. It enhances the flavour of the bake and gives it luscious, velvety undertones throughout.

Once the cakes are baked and cooled you will need to level them. Start with the bottom tier, level it with a cake leveller or knife then slice through the middle of the cake so that you can fill it.

I used a three berry preserve which was, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry flavoured jam. I covered the base of the cake in the flavoured jam and then placed the top piece back on the cake.

You then do the same with the top tier.

Once the tiers have been filled you then cover the outside of them in buttercream. You can fill the cakes with buttercream, but I decided that less is more so the buttercream remained on the outside while the jam is on the inside.

To make buttercream you will need:

250-gram block of unsalted butter
500 grams of icing sugar (confectioners sugar)
A little milk.

Soften the butter and place in a mixing bowl, sieve in the icing sugar and blend together using a wooden spoon and then a hand whisk. If it’s a little tough, add a splash of milk (about a teaspoon) and then mix. Once mixed the buttercream should be light and fluffy and easy to spread. If it’s still a little tough add some more milk if it’s runny add some more icing sugar.

Also, see Buttercream Tutorial for further help.

To ensure a clean finish, I left the largest cake on the breadboard and then covered it in buttercream, that way the excess crumbs drop onto the breadboard and not the cake board. To remove any excess buttercream use a knife or cake scraper as pictured below. Once covered I then transferred it to the cake board using a large knife.

For the smaller tier, I put it directly on top of the butttercreamed base tier and then applied my buttercream. I did this because any crumbs would add to the rustic look or get covered by fruit so you wouldn’t see them.

Cake Scrapers.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just remove the excess. Once you have removed the excess then arrange your fruit. I used…

300 Grams Raspberries

300 Grams Blackberries

And 150 Grams Blueberries.

I arranged them around the layers in alternative colours and then mixed them up on the top tier. To finish off, I dusted over with a little icing sugar.

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