Carrot and Orange Cupcakes Tutorial

Here is a tutorial with pictures showing you how to make moist, refreshing Carrot and Orange Cupcakes.

Pre-heat your oven to one of the following temps:
Fan assisted: 180°C
Conventional Oven 190°C- 200°C
Gas Mark 4
Fahrenheit – 356F

Ingredients: Cupcakes
115 Grams Butter
115 Grams Light Brown Sugar
1 Medium Orange – Zest and Juice
2 Large Eggs – Beaten
150 Grams Carrots – Chopped or Grated
125 Grams Plain Flour
1 Teaspoon Mixed Spice
1 and a half Teaspoons of Baking Powder

Ingredients: Topping
270 Grams Philadelphia = 1 and a Half tubs of Philly – 180 Grams
4 Tablespoons of Icing Sugar.
1 Medium Orange – Zest

Method: Cupcakes

1. Cream the butter, brown sugar and zest together in a mixing bowl using an electric whisk.

2. Mix in the beaten eggs.

3. Grate or chop the carrots. I chopped the mini carrots in my mini chopper first.

I then grated some extra as I didn’t have enough weight with the chopped ones.

I also removed some of the carrot juice with some dry kitchen towel.

I then added the carrots and the juice to the mix.

I then used a spatula to mix in.

And then gave it a little whisk to fully combine.

4. Sieve flour, baking powder and mixed spice into the bowl.

Combine the ingredients using a spatula.

5. Now combined scoop into cake cases.

I use one scoop per case.

I make a well in the middle to make them level.

6. Bake on the middle shelf of the oven for approx 22-23 minutes or until golden brown.

7. Once baked remove from the oven and place on a wire rack immediately to cool.

Method: Topping

1. Place the cream cheese, icing sugar and zest into one bowl.

Mix the ingredients with a spatula then scoop into a piping bag with a nozzle.

Use straight away or…

Place in a second piping bag and store in the fridge until needed.

Orange and Carrot Cupcakes.

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