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How to soften dry sugarpaste, icing or fondant?

If you find that your icing, fondant, or sugarpaste is hard or dry then simply add some Trex or some other alternative vegetable fat to it, although a rule of thumb with this is less is definitely more! Make sure you use it in stages and slowly otherwise you run the risk of adding too much and making a mess. Trex in moderation will soften and loosen sugarpaste/icing/fondant making it pliable and easier to use, all you need to do is rub a little between your hands and then knead the icing/fondant/sugarpaste with your hands, which in turn will soften and restore it.

Tip: Trex or vegetable fat is a great tool if you are using your icing/fondant/sugarpaste in a Sugarcraft gun. The Trex acts as a lubricant in the barrel and helps form the shapes as the icing/fondant/sugarpaste slides easier through the barrel allowing the shape making process much easier.


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