Bake snake or the cake mould….

I’ve just received a link on facebook regarding this product and ordered myself one thanks to Joan…..

I’m not sure when it’s arriving but looking forward to having a play about with it when it does! I have ordered it via Clevhouse who call it The Cake Mould and then I discovered that Amazon also sell it but it’s called a Bake Snake. I’m hoping that one order is enough as the description tells me you can do over 50 cake shapes! I’m hoping this is the case otherwise I’ll have to order another one!


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;) Glad I could help. :p I didn't actually watch the video properly on Facebook so don't know just what it can do but when I saw it thought of you, hope it does what you want it to, of course you'll let us know. :)
I appreciate you thinking of me, I&#039;ve never seen them before so I ordered one after watching the vid. I&#039;ll let you know how I get on with it. [emoji2]<br />
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I'm still waiting for it to arrive.
Well it finally arrived today and from China might I add, it came in a see through pack with no instructions and is a little smaller than I thought. I have managed to bend the mould into a heart shape and a square but that's about it. If I want to get all fancy then I'm going to have to order another one albeit off Amazon as this took nearly 4 weeks to get here! Lol, I shall keep you updated on my quest with the snake mould.

I will probably make a cake in the mould first before ordering anymore just to make sure it is actually good enough. I will have to hunt on Google for the fantastic shapes that it gets into.
Hope it works out for you, not sure if ordering from Amazon would make any difference to it. It should show you on Amazon were it would be coming from if you order from them.<br />
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Keep me informed, I&#039;d hate to think I&#039;d suggested something to you that was rubbish. :(