Shrove Tuesday

Ah yes it’s nearly time again to get the batter ready and the frying pans out to celebrate Shrove Tuesday!


But if you cannot wait until then or wish to perfect your pancake toss before the big day then be sure to check out this pancake recipe and guide!


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A delayed Happy Pancake Day! What did everyone have on their pancakes? :)
And to you too. We had lemon sugar and Nutella on ours. We did make some banana ones too.
:eek: When it came to the day I forgot, mind you I would have struggled to stand long enough to make them. We only ever had sugar and lemon on ours but of course now with John having to cut out his sugar he probably wouldn't have enjoyed them, plus I didn't have any lemons so had the excuses not to make them. :(
Aww Joan what you like, I had forgotten how much of a mess we create when we do them. Han flipped one and it landed on the floor.
I don't bother tossing them, just use my spatula and flip them over. Hehe I'm not going to risk losing any, they're too tasty for the floor to have them.