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Which sugar do I use when baking? Sugars and their uses.

When baking I tend to opt for whatever sugar I have available in the cupboard, however certain sugars assist with your baking process and help you create better results. So if you wish to enhance your baking and end up with crumbly cookies and super light sponges then here is a quick run down of what sugars you should use.

Icing or Confectioners Sugar
is used to make buttercream, royal icing, glace icing and can also be used for dusting your work surface before rolling out icing fondant. It is sometimes used as a light coating or finishing touch over cakes and cupcakes.

Superfine or Caster Sugar is a finer sugar which works well with cakes, pastries, meringues and shortbread. As the particles are tinier they absorb into your mixture more quickly creating better aeration and a super light sponge. The sugar also dissolves quickly in egg whites and creates a whiter meringue.

Granulated Sugar is your general everyday sugar that you use in hot drinks, sprinkled over food or in my case used in my Victoria Sandwich. Granulated sugar is a coarse sugar but can be blitzed in a food processor and will turn into a smooth powdered sugar known as icing/confectioners sugar.

Soft Light Brown Sugar is a honey coloured sugar that is softer and moister. with a slight honey flavour which is used when making biscuits, butterscotch and often condiments. Using brown sugar in baking will prolong the freshness and retain the moisture in the bake for longer.

Dark Brown Muscovado Sugar is a soft textured small grained dark brown sugar that has a strong intense molasses flavour and is stickier in texture than normal brown sugar. It is ideal for making rich fruit cakes, chocolate cakes and gingerbread.

Demerara Sugar is a large golden crystal type sugar, it can be used when drinking tea or coffee or alternatively used in making biscuits and crumbles.


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  • John
  • 15th February 2019
Good tip.