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What are flaked ground and blanched almonds?

Ground almonds are made by grinding ground sweet almonds in a food processor or blender. Once the untoasted almonds have been processed, they will look like a fluffy powdery type ingredient.


What are flaked almonds?

These are sliced blanched almonds.

What are blanched almonds?

These are almonds that have had their skins removed.

How do I blanch almonds?
1. Place your raw almonds into a pan of boiling water.
2. Leave them in there for 60 seconds. (If you leave them any longer they will go soft).
3. Remove the pan from the heat, pour the water and almonds over a sieve or colander and let them drain.
4. Run cold water over them.
5. Dab them dry with kitchen towel, you should see the skins have now shrivelled and softened.
6. You can now remove the skin by squeezing the almonds between your thumb and forefinger.
7. If you squeeze too hard, they’ll fire around your kitchen, so please be gentle!

Almonds contain Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, calcium and zinc; they are nutritious, packed with healthy goodness and are a fabulous baking ingredient. They can be a real mood booster when added to dark chocolate! So if you fancy some how’s about trying our Chocolate Macaroon or Orange and Almond Cake Recipes.

Important: ALWAYS ensure the recipient does not have a nut allergy.


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