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How to clean up leftover fondant icing off your silicone mat.

Here is a quick way to clean up all those little pieces of extra icing fondant from your silicone mat, without dropping them all over the floor!

Simply get an extra piece of icing fondant and press that into the smaller the pieces on your mat, the small pieces will squash into your bigger piece and collect quite quickly thus leaving you with an icing fondant free mat.

You can also use it to absorb any excess icing sugar too.


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  • Han
  • 18th October 2016
I already use this technique and it works great but is there any other even faster way to clean up the excess mess?
You could bend the mat in half and just tip the excess mess into the bin, however, if you keep the excess icing you could use it to make balls (like I did for my <a href="https://www.helpmebake.com/2016/07/25/west-highland-terrier-cake-topper/">Westie</a>) or other items like multi coloured toppers if you have enough so its not wasted.
  • Han
  • 19th October 2016
Okay, I saw the Westie a few days ago but I forgot about the little ball it seems so interested in lol! :D
The ball was made simply by mixing 3 colours of icing together to make a marbled effect.