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How do I remove air bubbles from my cake mixture?

Sometimes when making a cake you may find that air holes have appeared throughout your cake when it has fully baked. This can be caused by over beating your wet and dry cake batter and results in air pockets being trapped and then baked into your cake.

To prevent air bubbles appearing in your cake there are two ways of eliminating them.

Option 1:
Once you have fully combined your cake batter in your mixing bowl run a butter knife through the batter in a ‘S’ like motion (as if you were writing a letter ‘S’ with your knife) or in a side to side motion or simply swirl the knife through your batter with the knife. This will effectively ‘pop’ any air bubbles that are trapped in there.

Option 2:
Once you have poured your cake batter into the tin hold the rim of the tin with both hands and tap the tin on your kitchen side or counter top. This will cause the air bubbles to rise to the surface and ‘pop’.


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