Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II

We would like to wish our lovely Queen Elizabeth II a very Happy 90th Birthday!

I must say her Majesty looks fabulous for 90 years of age and we wish her many more celebrations to come. Speaking of celebrations, not only did Nadiya win last years Great British Bake Off but this year she had the great honour of being asked to make the Queen’s birthday cake.

How fabulous is that!

Here is the video of the Queen receiving and cutting into her three tier orange drizzle cake while the spectators sing her Happy Birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II birthday cake from Nadiya….

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I watched that, especially when she wanted to know if it would cut, harking back to that WI visit where she couldn&#039;t cut the cake. <br />
<br />
Just finished watching the family tribute, some great home movies.
I&#039;ve seen the footage of that one, it was a lovely cake but her Majesty just couldn&#039;t slice it. I think they had a good giggle about it.
Looks yummy.