Gruesome Cakes – Katherine Dey

After flicking through the paper today I discovered this weird and wonderful article about life like gruesome cakes like this!

The lady who creates these fabulous creations of the human body is called Katherine Dey and to be honest she has a massive talent for it.

They may not be to everyone’s taste but you cannot deny that this lady has serious skills and a definite eye for detail.

So if you’re ever in the need for a grotesque gruesome halloween surprise or a birthday cake with a difference then look no further as this is your girl! The only pre-requisite is that you have a strong stomach to be able to handle her designs as she really does take gruesome to another level.

Here are some of her weird and wonderful albeit eerie designs! Katherine Dey Cakes


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Wow! there is some talent there, Kelly would love them she's into all that Halloween and monster stuff. :D
I know they're fab aren't they, the kids would be scared to death!
  • Han
  • 4th April 2017
Wow amazing at first it looked real or photoshopped. :confused:<br />
<br />
A Guy
They&#039;re too realistic to eat, I don&#039;t think I could cut into it just for the sheer fact of how much effort went into it.