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Pancake Recipe and Guide

Here is your recipe and guide on how to make beautiful pancakes on this Shrove Tuesday.

100 grams Plain Flour
1 Pinch of Salt
3 Medium Eggs
100ml Water
100ml Milk
Oil for Pan.

Mixing Bowl
Electric Whisk or Food Processor
Frying Pan

1. These pancakes are made on the basis of the “all in one” method therefore place the flour, salt, eggs, water and milk into a mixing bowl. (Alternatively place all the ingredients into a food processor and blend together).

2. If you are using a mixing bowl and electric whisk then whisk the mixture until it appears frothy.

3. Transfer the frothy pancake mixture into a jug and place to one side.

4. Heat the pan over a moderate-high heat (I had my hob on no 6/7) and then add some oil to your pan and swirl it round to base the it.

5. Pour a little amount of the batter into the hot pan, tilt and rotate it to cover the base. If it looks a little thin add some more batter and rotate it round the pan.

6. Place back on the heat and cook for approx 2 minutes, lift up the edges with a spatula and then either flip over with the spatula or if you are the king of pancakes have a go at flipping one!

7. Cook your pancake on the opposite side for 2 mins or until golden.

8. Transfer to a warmed plate; for a traditional pancake add some lemon juice, sprinkle with sugar, roll and serve.

9. You can have them savoury or sweet so fill with bananas, berries, bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms, or drizzle with chocolate or syrup the possibilities are endless!

Here is a quick vid on how to toss or flip them!


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