Happy Pancake Day!

Yes that’s right it’s Shrove Tuesday so Happy Pancake Day people!
In light of it being Pancake Celebrations today we have been having a little fun with them.
This morning I made Hannah pancakes for breakfast, well I say made, she had her American style pancakes that the lovely people at Kingsmill had made. ;) I’m not a lover of pancakes although I do LOVE the American style ones!
As she enjoyed her breakfast she advised me that today would be pancake day of epic proportions as not only was she going to have them for breakfast, she would no doubt have them for dinner too as her school tends to make them on pancake day. Then John advised that he would be making pancakes later with her after school! So pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!
Currently this is the extent of my pancake creativity!
John has since nipped out and come back with a packet mix for pancakes!
So although I’m not a fan (I don’t like Yorkshire Puddings either) I draw the line at doing things half way so I’ve told John if he’s going to make a mess in my kitchen and have great fun with Hannah then he’d better do it properly. :D
So for now the packet mix is going to sit, we have a lovely pancake recipe which we are going to use. In the event we run out of ingredients which I highly doubt then we shall under duress resort to the packet.
I will post further pictures after the Pancake making and pancake tossing commences!
Wish me luck!
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I love pancakes, with lemon and sugar, if I&#039;ve not made my own I&#039;ve used, I think it&#039;s called Betty Crocker, mix that is in a container that you just add water too and shake well. <br />
The only problem with that is you don&#039;t get many pancakes from it, only about 6. :(
I&#039;m not sure what we&#039;d get from the box mix but it just says add an egg. Han likes them with lemon and sugar too. :D
Yeah I&#039;m back....<br />
<br />
It&#039;s been a fun evening and the pancake party got into a real swing. After saying before that I was concerned that Hannah and John would wreck my kitchen I managed to do a fabulous job all by myself. :eek: Not only did I manage to get a full egg all over my work surface (I was chasing it to the end of the work top and then trying to get it up off the floor). :cry: I then managed to spill oil out of my frying pan onto my induction hob, then I managed to spill sugar all over my table so it took me the best part of half an hour mopping everything up before we got into a real swing of things. We even had to make extra <a href="" class="internalLink">pancake</a> batter so we could all have a go at pancake tossing, getting the temperature right and getting into a rhythm but we got there in the end.<br />
<br />
:thumbs:<br />
<br />
We were that concerned with getting the pancakes done, we forgot about the plates, sauces, fruits, fillings or anything that we needed. John quite happily made his pancake sat down at the table and tucked into it whilst me and Han we&#039;re trying to get the pancakes going! His response well I don&#039;t want it to get cold! :rolleyes:<br />
<br />
<a href="">View attachment 3505</a><br />
<br />
I did some fabulous pancake tosses that nobody got a picture or video of and then Han made me do a few more pancakes so we ended up with this near perfect one.<br />
<br />
<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br />
<br />
Han did her pancake toss and it landed splat on my floor (so when we finished I had to clean that too!)<br />
<br />
<a href="">View attachment 3504</a><br />
<br />
Han was made up with all the pancakes and was quite happily adding all her syrups and sugars to them. <br />
<br />
<a href="">View attachment 3506</a> <a href="">View attachment 3509</a><br />
<br />
This is John&#039;s nicely rolled and slightly devoured pancake, we just threw ours on the plate and tucked in!<br />
<br />
<a href="">View attachment 3508</a><br />
<br />
I think next year when we do them we will have an order of things and get into a better groove but to be honest although it was a bit of a mish mash we had plenty of fun. :dinesh:
That&#039;s the way it should be mish/mash means more fun than doing everything to order, if you&#039;d done it like that I bet you wouldn&#039;t have had so much fun. <br />
<br />
Great set of photos I&#039;m going back now to watch the pancake tossing video. Brilliant bit of tossing, well done on the video Han, I assume it&#039;s Hannah filming, Johns probably too busy stuffing his face with pancakes. :roflmao:
He was, talk about sort yourself out, I wouldn&#039;t mind but it was all his idea to do the pancakes. :rolleyes:<br />
<br />
Han did the vid and took lots of photos and made a couple of pancakes, she really enjoyed the madness, great fun and good memories although next time I&#039;ll make sure I have her lemon juice.
  • Joan
  • 10th February 2016
Oh definitely, you can&#039;t have pancakes without lemon juice. :D