How to make a Valentine’s Owl and Tutorials

As Valentine’s day will shortly be upon us I thought I would help inspire you with some edible gifts!

This edible Owl is a lovely little Valentine gift that can melt hearts, it is very easy to make too! I used Renshaws Chocolate Icing, Renshaws Poppy Red Decor~Ice, Renshaws White Decor~Ice and my own Yellow pre-dyed icing.


Here is your step by step guide with pictures showing you how to make the edible Valentine’s owl.

1. To make the owl I rolled the chocolate icing into a small ball size and then flattened it slightly between my palms. I then patted the sides of the icing and moulded it with my hands to make a rectangular shape.

2. I then pinched the ears using my thumb and forefinger.

3. The white eyes were created using circle cutters and the pupils were black edible dragees balls. If you do not have any of those then use a small piece of black icing fondant. I used a water pen to stick the eyes to the chocolate icing.

4. The chest is a red heart that I made from red icing fondant, I measured a heart against the owl to size the heart I needed and then I cut it out. I then indented the heart by turn the cutter upside down and imprinting the heart upside down. stuck the heart to the owl using a little water a little water, the indents on the chest were made using the heart cutter upside down (i.e the point of the heart was facing upwards).


5. To create the eyelids I rolled out a small piece of chocolate icing and cut the circle shapes with my cutter. I then sliced a small section of the circle to create an eyelid. I then attached the eyelid using water.

6. The wings are oval shaped chocolate icing that I made and shaped with my fingers, I rolled out a piece of chocolate icing and then cut it in half so that my wings would be the same size. I rolled it into a ball an then flattened the ball and shaped the edges into an oval shape using my fingers. I then pushed a drinking straw into the wings to give them a little definition. These were again stuck with a small amount of water.

7. The yellow beak was made from a small piece of yellow icing fondant that was rolled into a ball and the pinched slightly with my fingers to create the point.

8. The yellow claws are round circles and the indents for the feet were made using a veiner (dresden tool) however if you do not have one then please use a cocktail stick. Again roll a small piece of yellow icing fondant and cut it in half so that your feet are the same size. Roll the icing into a small ball and flatten it. Then indent the icing fondant to create claws.

8. I used my message maker to imprint the message on the icing and cut out large and small hearts with my cutters for the Valentine’s message.

Here is the finished Valentine’s Owl and the heart filled Owl be your Valentine message.


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