The Great British Bake Off 2015 returns to our screens on…

The hills are alive with the sound of baking and Mary Berry does a beautiful rendition of the song along with her fellow counterparts Paul Hollywood, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. This of course is just one of the vids available to entice you to the new series of the Great British Bake Off that returns this summer.

This vid has now been removed from youtube so I have now amended the vid below to show the 2015 trailer.

GBBO is back on Wednesday 5th August 2015 at 8pm on BBC One.

Ready, set, bake! :D


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I know it's great isn't it, I'd seen the advert before we actually knew what the date was my box will be set to record the series in case I miss any.
I cannot set it up on the Planner yet. <br />
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I&#039;m still watching Australia&#039;s My Kitchen Rules at the moment, I&#039;ve still got about 8 episodes to catch up on! I better get cracking before the Bake off is back on! ;)
Not watched that, watching Master Chef Canada at present so it will be as soon as that finishes switch over for Bake Off. <br />
Not sure when Australian Master Chef starts, hoping they have the kids one again, that was good and the New Zealand one.
Ooh ooh I saw that the other day (Master Chef Canada) when I flicked over they were on a boat making canapés and fig courses for a bride and groom, the red team won. I got quite into it even though it&#039;s the first one I have seen. :nerd: I must be on a foodie streak at the mo, I got very excited by the fruit tart they did it looked beautiful. :D<br />
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Australia&#039;s MKR has been on for ages I&#039;m on about episode 38, it&#039;s on every night on SKY, I started watching it about episode 20 something. Han likes watching it with me and we guess who is going to win the challenges. There is a kids chef thing on one of her childrens channels and we did end up watching that at one point. <br />
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Some of the things they make definitely give me food for thought, I keep making lists of all the things I have to make! ;)
What channel on Sky is it Angie ?
It&#039;s on Sky Living Joan, it&#039;s getting near the end of the show now as we&#039;re now on the final five teams.
Thanks I&#039;ll have to have a look at that, The Great British Menu is back on Monday, it&#039;s to do with the WI this year.<br />
It&#039;s 7.30pm BBC2 on Monday night.
Oh I missed that I will have a look on catch up, speaking of programmes the Australia&#039;s My Kitchen Rules new series starts this Friday on Sky Living if you fancy having a look at it. I noticed when I was checking my planner so if you do fancy it at least you&#039;ll be able to see it from the beginning.
Thanks Angie, you don&#039;t have to find the British menu on catch up it doesn&#039;t start till tonight, I&#039;ve put it on record because I&#039;ll be still watching Masterchef Canada till 8.
I did find a program called Cake Bakers and trouble makers relating to the WI so I have put that on my planner.<br />
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Han and I have just been watching the second to last episode of Australia&#039;s MKR and caught up on GBBO, there were some great Black Forest Gateux&#039;s. I won&#039;t spoil it for you if you haven&#039;t watched it yet but it was good! ;)
You didn&#039;t spoil it for me I watch it live, I had The Great British Menu recorded because that was on in the middle of Masterchef Canada but it&#039;s the final of Canada tonight so I can watch GBM live till the next Masterchef starts on Watch. <br />
<br />
I agree the first GBBO was good, I felt sorry for the one who&#039;s cake melted down when trying to take it out the tin, at least she didn&#039;t just dump it in the bin like that feller did last time. :D
I know bless her, I knew when she pulled on the acetate it was all going to go wrong, I felt so sorry for her but at least she put it on the plate as sometimes it can look good but taste rubbish although when Paul said it was rubbery I could have just cried! I&#039;m just glad she is in for another week. <br />
<br />
Well me and Han were laughing last night as Australia&#039;s MKR final was on and my sky box was recording two sides, it was right near the end of the programme and I&#039;m trying to turn the tele over, mute it and trying to selct a program off my planner that we can both watch so we didn&#039;t see the end! Honestly I&#039;ve never juggled with a remote so much in all my life, Han was covering my eyes so we couldn&#039;t see the shrunk down tv picture in the corner. We&#039;re going to watch it in abit to see who wins! <br />
<br />
Who won on the Canadian one was it that woman with dark hair or that hockey player guy or have they both been eliminated?
It was David the concrete man with a beard, his wife, mother and young boys were there, Line&#039;s 2 daughters and her mother were there as well, plus they had several of the contestants who went out. <br />
<br />
It was close, they both made mistakes in one of their dishes but nothing that was major.
Aww was he the Guy who tried really hard but wasn&#039;t sure that he could do it? <br />
<br />
I&#039;m glad you told me that lady&#039;s name again Line, it was bugging me because I knew it was something different but couldn&#039;t for the life of me remember what it was.<br />
<br />
Well me and Han watched the final of the Australia&#039;s MKR and we were so excited that the &#039;Mums&#039; Bree and Jessica won, it was a very close final but we were ecstatic when they won as they had no idea they would win but tried really hard all the same. They were doing it so their families would be proud of them.<br />
<br />
They did a fantastic job and really did deserve to win! I love it when that happens. :D<br />
<br />
The new series has started now so we will get to watch this one from the beginning.
Not sure if he was the one you&#039;re thinking of but he was doing quite well throughout and was very emotional when talking about his sons and it really showed when they were there for the final. <br />
<br />
I know what you mean about the name, I thought it was a very unusual name and kept thinking Line as in straight line rather than Lyn. :D
I think when he was on the boat challenge he doubted himself slightly and the same with the tart challenge, I love it when those kind of people win though. They are very good at what they don&#039;t but don&#039;t realise it themselves.<br />
<br />
As for Line, I thought she may have been called Caroline and Line for short, I did think it was unusual though, very different but she did a great job too from the one that I watched. I may have to add that one to my planner.
Han&#039;s now got me watching the Extra Slice for GBBO and we have also started on the new Australian&#039;s MKR which is really good, I even came across Heston&#039;s Fantastical Foods last night. He was making the world&#039;s biggest Kit Kat and making huge crisps and sandwiches. He was trying to inspire parents about their kids lunch boxes. :D
We always watch the extra slice as well. Not picked up on the others, cycling season is on so the telly gets taken over by that at the moment. :)
Ah you into your Athletics then? I have a mountain of programmes to get through. We have watched a few of the Australian MKR but I haven&#039;t caught up on the Bake Off yet.
  • Joan
  • 1st September 2015
John is the cyclist enthusiast, although I don&#039;t mind watching it. It&#039;s the Spanish tour at the moment, rest day today so no cycling for a day. <br />
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John used to ride for the Derby Mercury&#039;s in his youth and hasn&#039;t lost his interest in the sport. Don&#039;t mind the athletics either but I&#039;m not really into watching the telly these days, it&#039;s more just background noise, unless it&#039;s a program I&#039;m interested in.