Chocolate Lollipops Tutorial

Here are some quick no bake lollipop treats you can make with the kids.

You will need:
Around 100 – 200 grams or 3.5 – 7 oz of baking chocolate. (Depending on how many lollipops you are making).
Character or shaped moulds.
Lollipop Sticks
1. Break up your baking chocolate into a jug.

2. Place it in the microwave and melt on high heat in 30 second intervals, checking each time to see if your chocolate has melted fully. Mine took about 55 seconds.

3. Once melted remove from the microwave and stir the chocolate with a spatula to dissolve any little lumps that remain.

Tip: Be careful the jug may be hot.

4. Place your lollipop sticks in the slot in the mould like so.

5. Now pour the melted chocolate into each mould ensuring you fill each one and the top of lollipop stick is fully covered with chocolate.

6. Now carefully place the mould on a flat surface in your fridge and leave to set for about 45 minutes.

7. Once set remove from the mould by lifting the lollipop stick gently. They should carefully snap out of the mould. Now they can then be individually wrapped or devoured.

8. Enjoy them. 😀


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Liked these on Facebook, they do look yummy. :D
  • Han
  • 28th January 2017
I've just bought some new moulds so I'll be making some different chocolate lollipops soon for the bake sale at school.
I bet Han will enjoy taste testing those. :D
She did I made some taster ones over the weekend to see how long they took to make. I&#039;m really impressed with how they came out. <br />
<br />
I made some moustache and lips ones so we have some funny pics to post too. <br />
<br />
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