How to make an Edible Saw Blade Tutorial

Here is a quick guide on how to make an edible saw blade.

1. For the edible saw blade I added black and white icing together to make the grey colour.

2. Once I have kneaded it together fully it gives me this grey colour. I then roll it in a ball add a little tylo powder to it and then roll out flat like below.

3. Then using my largest circle cutter or pastry cutter I cut out a large circle.

4. Now using a small circle cutter I cut a hole in the middle also.

5. Now to make the blade effect, to do this I got a heart cutter and used the base of the heart to cut out the same sized blades.

6. Then leave to dry overnight I placed it on top of a plastic food bag that was lightly dusted with icing sugar (confectioners sugar) in order to harden, I would also suggest making two of these in the event that one of them breaks.

Also see Saw Blade Cake for the full effect.


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