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If you are interested to hear what kind of service I offer to my students then please look at the recent reviews they have left for me relating to my workshops/courses/cakes etc.

It’s always nice to receive feedback and I appreciate people taking the time to do so.


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I'm here to help inspire you, teach you and extract your hidden talents. I will introduce you to the fun limitless world of baking, cake making & ...
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  • 28th September 2014
Well done on the comments Angie your cakes are always yummy. :)
Here are a few more reviews I recently received from ladies who have attended the cupcake workshop classes. Both Susan and Lynsey have rated us 5 Stars! <br />
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<b>Here is what they wrote about us......</b></span><br />
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<a href="">View attachment 2785</a><br />
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I am always very appreciative when people take the time to comment or review what we do.