Pancake or not to Pancake that is the question?

Well it’s Shrove Tuesday today or which we generally refer to as Pancake day….so the pancakes are out in force today with sweet ones, savoury ones to downright crazy ones! 😮

Although I’m not a lover of english pancakes we did have pancakes for breakfast, albeit the shop bought imitation ones. Lol! My favourite are real american ones with citrus fruits and maple syrup….mmm delicious!

So my question to you is Pancake or not to Pancake? (Did you have them or didn’t you?)

Here are ours.


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  • J
  • 4th March 2014
<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><div style="text-align: left"><span style="color: #545454">We&#039;re not having any pancakes today but I do like the smiley face plate you&#039;ve done was that for you or Hannah? :)</span>&#8203;</div></span>
<div style="text-align: left"><span style="color: #545454">We&#039;ll be having them after dinner tonight, I always used to mix my own batter, well it&#039;s the same one I use for Yorkshire Puddings.</span>&#8203;</div><br />
<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><div style="text-align: left"><span style="color: #545454">Last year though and this year I&#039;ll just use the Betty Crocker mix, just add water to the dry mix in the container and shake. I have a pancake fry pan, the sides aren&#039;t as deep as a normal frying pan, we have ours with lemon and sugar.</span><br />
<br />
<span style="color: #545454">I love them, there&#039;s enough mix for us to have about 3 or 4 each, hot out of the pan. :thumbs:</span>&#8203;</div></span>
<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><span style="color: #545454">I don&#039;t like Yorkshires or pancakes, I want to like them but just don&#039;t. We made some last year, well I say we it was more John than me and he did all the tossing, I tried but it didn&#039;t end well. Han wasn&#039;t overly keen either, she&#039;s apparently had them after her dinner today but she spent more time eating the syrup than the pancakes themselves. </span></span>:p<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><br />
<br />
<span style="color: #545454">Enjoy yours Joan! </span><br />
<br />
<span style="color: #545454">Take a pic if you get a minute. </span></span>:D
<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><span style="color: #545454">Lol! No you wanted to devour them not faff about, glad you enjoyed them! :thumbs:</span></span>
<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><div style="text-align: left"><span style="color: #545454">Sorry Angie, no picture by the time I&#039;d made them I was in no condition to stand any longer to take one and my hands were in cramp. :cry:</span><br />
<span style="color: #545454">I love them just with lemon and sugar, it&#039;s the way I&#039;ve always had them.</span>&#8203;</div></span>
  • J
  • 6th March 2014
<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><div style="text-align: left"><span style="color: #545454">We did have ready made pancakes on Wednesday that I put in the microwave. We had them with sugar and lemon but they weren&#039;t very good, next time I&#039;ll make my own. </span>&#8203;</div></span>
<span style="font-family: 'verdana'"><div style="text-align: left"><span style="color: #545454">I&#039;ve tried the ready made shop bought ones before Jean, never again I thought they were horrible. For me it&#039;s either my own batter or those Betty Crocker mixes, they are rather nice. </span>&#8203;</div></span>