Chocolate Maltesers Sprinkles Cake Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make this Chocolate Maltesers Sprinkles Cake

Preheat the oven to:
Fan assisted: 170ºC
Regular oven: 180-190ºC
Fahrenheit: 338F
Gas Mark: 3

Pre-grease your sandwich tins. (I did not line the base of these tins, but you may wish to use baking paper).

130G Self Raising Flour
20G Cocoa Powder
150G Granulated Sugar
150G Margarine
3 Medium Eggs
87G Bag of Maltesers Share Size Bag – (M&M’S or Cinder Toffee or Crunchie’s could be used as an alternative).
200G Chocolate Spread – (I used Nutella)
Sprinkles /Chocolate Stars / Buttons or decoration of choice.

Mixing Bowl, Electric Whisk, Spatula, Butter knife, Spoons, Sandwich Tins etc.


1. Sieve the self-raising flour and cocoa powder into a mixing bowl.

2. Add the sugar and the margarine to the bowl.

3. Crack all your eggs into a separate dish, one at a time. (Thus ensuring there is no shell in the bowl).

4. Now add all the eggs to your mixing bowl.

5. Mix all the ingredients with an electric whisk on a medium to high speed for approx 2-3 minutes until it has combined. (Taste the batter to ensure it tastes ok).

6. Split the mix evenly between two 7 inch greased sandwich tins.

7. Place in the centre of the oven and bake for approx 18-20 minutes.

8. Whilst the cake is baking in the oven place your Maltesers or filling of choice into a food bag and seal.

9. Now bash with a rolling pin until you get chunky bits (not too much or you’ll get crumbs :p) and then place to one side.

10. Once the cakes have baked (ensure the skewer comes out clean and they are springy to the touch) remove from the oven and place the tins on a wire rack to cool for about 10 minutes.

11. Once slightly cooled turn them out onto a wire rack until sufficiently cooled. (They won’t take that long to cool down).

12. Once completely cooled transfer one of the cakes to a plate and spoon a large dollop of chocolate spread into the middle of the layer and spread it using a tapered spatula or a butter knife.

13. Once covered sprinkle the broken Maltesers on top of the chocolate spread. (I should have added more than I did but I didn’t use the full bag of broken maltesers).

14. Now take the other half of the cake and place on a different plate, spread a thin layer of chocolate spread onto the centre of this one too and then sandwich it together with the other layer as shown.

15. Now using the remainder of the chocolate spread lightly coat the top of the cake then add coloured sprinkles or a topping of your choice.

16. Place in the fridge for about an hour for it to set

17. Put the kettle on and invite your friends round! Enjoy this moist, crunchy delicious cake!

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