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How to make fudge.

Recipe and guide on how to make fudge.

500g or 1lb of Sugar
50g or 2oz Butter
¼ pint of Milk
¼ pint of Evaporated Milk
Few drops of Vanilla Essence

Optional Extra’s
Fruit & Nut Mix

1. Put all the ingredients into a pan.
2. Boil slowly and stir.
3. Take off the heat after approx 10 mins.

TIP: How to do the drop test…..

To check to see if the fudge is at the correct consistency, drop a tiny spoonful into a sandwich tin filled with water. If you can push the fudge into a soft blob with your index finger and the shape holds then the fudge is ready to take off the heat. If it’s runny or won’t hold a shape then leave on the heat a little longer and repeat the drop process.

Once the fudge is the correct consistency take off the heat (add any optional extras), stir in, and then leave to cool in the pan.

When cooled beat with a wooden spoon to thicken.

This can then be poured into a cake tin for storage.


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  • 5th November 2012
Might try this!
Hi, I've always wanted to try making fudge but have been concerned about consistency when making it. I don't want it to turn out grainy, do you have any tips how to avoid this? I'm definitely wanting to try this recipe! Thanks :)
Hiya.<br />
<br />
Always stir slowly whilst making fudge or any toffee treat and this should help combine the mix and help with a smooth consistency, crystallisation of the sugar is what could cause the grainy texture so you need to ensure this has all dissolved. Ensure to do the drop test as this is a vital part of ensuring the mixture has been boiled to optimum temperature and will hold its shape.<br />
<br />
It&#039;s a great recipe, good luck. I&#039;m sure you&#039;ll be fine.<br />
<br />